Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Belated Introduction

Hey guys, this is a little bit late (but you know the saying!), but I thought it might be cool if we each wrote a one-sentence intro of ourselves, or even something like Rachel: "sister of many, book-reader, Nutella-lover." That was improv. Anyway, if you guys want to do that, we could put up a picture of each of us on the side and our sentence or description underneath - it could even be a quote or something. Also, the professors thought it might be a good idea to have Toni post some day next week, instead of doing a Saturday thing, and have two people share a day, so she can have her own day to post. Is there anyone who would want to switch their day just for next week? Is there a day that works for you, Toni?


  1. I could probably switch my day! Or double up with someone--preferably Tuesday or after.

  2. Thanks, Summer! If you wanted, you could double up with me so we could give Toni a day. I need to contact her about that!

  3. Sure! I'll post with you on Thursday then.